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■ Background of Establishment
     In order to solve the climate change, competition for technology such as identifying scientific reasons of climate change and development of greenhouse gas reduction technology has been intensifying all over the world.
As new renewable energy and eco-friendly technology are being magnified as core technology due to reinforcement of trade restriction as well as environmental factors, existing industrial structure is being reformed. Developed countries invest aggressively in convergence technology and compete against each other to secure innovative technology to cope with climate change.
Korea Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (KCAP) was established to build up the foundation for implementation and commercialization of artificial photosynthesis which is new innovative technology to cope with climate change, supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (National Research Foundation of Korea).

■ Objective of Establishment
     KCAP aims to secure a wide range of fundamental knowledge, necessary materials and device fabrication for implementation of artificial photosynthesis i.e. generating liquid fuel and oxygen from water and carbon dioxide using solar energy through collaborative research with SERC, LBNL.

■ Center Operation System
     KCAP is a 'centralized research center', where participating students and postdoctoral researchers under participating professors carry out research in the same building. This system will enable students whose research areas are same, similar or contiguous to each other to increase efficiency and achieve considerable results in their research through providing high accessibility between the students.

■ What the Center logo means
     Carbon dioxide and water are transformed into fuel (carbohydrate) and oxygen which have higher potential energy using sun light. And when these fuel and oxygen react, they turn back to carbon dioxide and water and heat is released. This means application of solar energy through carbon cycle, and
means longitude and meridian of the Earth.

     Meanwhile, Mankind burns fossil fuel generates carbon dioxide and water through reaction with oxygen to get energy. Such process has been increasing carbon dioxide in the air and is considered the main culprit for global warming.
     Korea Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (KCAP) conducts research to use solar energy to transform carbon dioxide and water into liquid fuel such as methanol and oxygen. When we find ways to use to create fuel and oxygen by using carbon dioxide and water generated by burning liquid fuel, we don’t need to use fossil fuel anymore which in turn will decrease carbon dioxide in the air which is causing global warming. Thus, KCAP is expected to contribute to human welfare by producing cheap environmentally benign energy and offering an effective solution to global warming.