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 A groundbreaking ceremony for Korea Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (POSCO Francisco Hall)
작성자: KCAP  등록일: 2011-09-08 

 A groundbreaking ceremony for Korea Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (POSCO Francisco Hall) which will be a research station of future energy was held at 14:00 on August 29 at the construction site in Sogang University.

  Artificial photosynthesis research is applied technology of solar energy which converts water (H₂O) and carbon dioxide (CO₂) into liquid fuel such as methanol using solar energy which is based on photosynthesis of plants. It is regarded as a research which can significantly resolve global warming and reduction of greenhouse gas which were caused by increase of carbon dioxide due to the use of fossil fuels.

  The Korea Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (KCAP), established in September 2009 as part of Technology Development Program to Solve Climate Changes supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, is dedicated to fundamental science which is required to realize and commercialize the artificial photosynthesis technology in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). In August 2008, KCAP and POSCO (CEO Joon-Yang Chung) made a cooperation agreement.

  About 50 distinguished guests attended the ceremony including university officials: President of Sogang University Jongwook Lee, former president of Sogang University Jang-son Ryu, chairman of the board of Sogang University Shi-Chan Yu, Vice President of Sogang University Ki-Pung Yoo, and Director of Korea Center for Artificial Photosynthesis Kyung Byung Yoon.

  Other guests included The mayor of Mapo Hong Sop Park, POSCO CTO Oh-joon Kwon, Jesuit Korean Provincial Won-sik Sin, Director of Steel Structure Research Division at RIST Tae Yang Yun, POSCO New Technology Strategy Team Leader Seung Duk Choi, and Daewoo E&C Managing Director Gyu Beom Jeon.

  New KCAP building which is scheduled for completion in about 17 months plans to complete construction in January 2013 and will be located between Ricch Hall Annex and Jeong Hasang Hall in Sogang University. The new building of KCAP will be built over an area of 6,700㎡ and contain more than 30 laboratories and professors' offices in 8 floors above and 2 floors underground.

Director of KCAP Kyung Byung Yoon (right) and special guests shoveling dirt

Director of KCAP Kyung Byung Yoon, introducing participating researchers

A dedication ceremony for POSCO Francisco Hall